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Privio HR

We simplify the entire recruiter journey and everything in between.

Listing of jobs that are focused to build impactful careers.

Privio HR’s Job Board acts as a search engine that features diverse opportunities. Quickly find jobs that match your skills, experience, and ambition. This harnesses the workforce acquisition pipeline to fit today’s job market.

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We revamped the foremost hurdle of recruitment – candidate screening!

The Screening feature is an integration of the applicant tracking system. It helps streamline the application skimming process and track various statuses. It plays an important role to maintain the quality-quantity equation – the quality of hire, and the time to fill the job opening.

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An end-to-end online assessment platform for recruitment.

Privio HR is a tool that simplifies your recruitment process to make it more effective and efficient. This powerful, centralized ATS platform is designed to complement your pre and post-placement structure with database, onboarding, and job performance.


Conduct effective interviews with Privio HR. Create schedules, send invitations, and evaluate candidates objectively with customizable feedback. Elevate your hiring process.


Simplify candidate selection with Privio HR’s Shortlist feature. Efficiently review profiles, compare skills, and make data-driven decisions for securing top talent.


Streamline candidate management with Privio HR. Easily search, review, and evaluate profiles to make informed decisions and efficiently manage your top candidates.

Job Portal

Enhance recruitment with Privio HR’s Job Portal. Tailor job boards to your brand, simplify postings, reviews, and collaboration. Achieve successful hiring with Privio HR.

Shortlist creation function to ensure quality talent acquisition.

Brings in place a careful consideration of shortlisting criteria and processes to provide significant value to recruitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Privio HR is a comprehensive HR software designed to streamline various HR functions. It helps your business improve efficiency, digitize manual HR tasks, enhance employee engagement, and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Privio HR covers many HR functions, including Interviews, Shortlisting, Employee Onboarding, Performance Management, Job Portal, Client, Candidate database, and more. Check out Privio HR.

Yes, Privio HR is designed to cater to the needs of both small and medium businesses, providing scalable solutions that can adapt to the size and requirements of your organization.

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